Authentic! Accepting! Accelerating!

33 Brass Castle Road

Washington, NJ  07882  USA

Faith Discovery © 2015

33 Brass Castle Rd, Washington, NJ 07882

Our Mission

Faith Discovery Church is committed to living out the Christian life in the context of this world! We are Biblical people,

but not rigid in practice.


Sunday - Worship: 10AM

Driven (Youth) 6PM (Recessed for summer)  

(at Family Fellowship Center)


Awana: 6PM  (at GSCA, Sept. through May)


Bible Study and Fellowship - 7PM (Cafe)

Core Values

Our core values:

Authentic, be real!  

Accepting, be loving!

Accelerating, be encouraging!

Faith Discovery Church

“Our Commitment is to be...


Authentic - Be real!

Accepting - Be loving!

Accelerating - Be encouraging!”

...so come and experience life at the church.

we will respect your right to inquire at your own pace!

our worship center is fully wheelchair accessible.